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Open Data For Cities:
How To Measure Progress?
As cities pass legislation to open civic data to the public, how do we measure meaningful progress toward having a robust, relevant, and easy to use set of data for all citizens?
Higher Education Program:
A Network Visualization
A higher education program wanted to review hiring patterns of program graduates by employers, and develop a strategy for improving graduate recruitment.
But They Said OK:
The Path to Commitment
Business deals and other commitments can begin with an 'OK' but end without agreement, commitment or support.
What is the make-or-break?
Restoring Transit Operations
When a storm hits, a transit authority must suspend service, clear and repair tracks, and manage complicated logistics. How long will it take to restore service?
Picture of Health:
Healthcare Costs
The Foundation wanted to improve its visual communications of health issues. This infographic shows the possible economic impact from improvements in managing chronic conditions.
The History of Sugar
Since 1500, we have consumed a staggering 6 billion metric tons of sugar. Much of that was only consumed in the last century. The consumption and confection of sugar has reflected economic, social, political, and artistic trends. But 500 years of sugar have also produced human misery and casualty.
A History of a Social Network
Why are social network applications like Facebook so appealing? We take a look at how our narrower, more specialized adult life drives us to cast back into the past.
The Lyrical History of the Cocteau Twins
The Cocteau Twins employed musical soundscapes that built a cult following and passionate inspirations. Their lyrics, however, defied translation.
How Did Your State Spend Your Money?
This year, how much did your state spend?
On what?

This diagram offers a simpler view for a State's taxpayer citizen who is interested in the State's expenditures - and the services that taxpayers receive in return.

Who Represents You?
Most citizens can't name all of their elected representatives.

Can you?

This infographic provides a layout for motivated constituents to learn - and act.

The Banking Bailout:
4 Years On
In late 2008, the Department of Treasury administered $700 billion in aid to the financial services industry. Are we better off?
OECD Nations:
Return on Education
The OECD wanted to depict the complex factors behind member nations' educational efforts, results and returns on education for their citizens.